Frequently asked questions - Taste&See

What is Taste&See?

Taste&See is a web-based Scripture engagement tool that helps churches and those who serve them get a clearer picture of their own setting and of what Bible products would really help their community.

How does Taste&See help communities?

Taste&See uses a diagnostic tool—based on Wayne Dye’s Eight Conditions—to help assess the situation of the community. And it provides a catalog of many Bible tools and activities that churches might want to use in the languages that work best for them. They can decide to translate those products and in others ways make them fit their setting.

Can I navigate through the website without registering and signing in?

Yes, you can. You are free to navigate through Step 3—so up to adding tools and reviewing what you have put in your basket.

Will my basket be saved, if I do not have a registered User ID?

Your basket will be active for that particular session that you are online. Once you close the browser you will be able to retrieve your basket till your browser cache is not cleared.

Can I create multiple baskets for multiple languages that I would like to assess?

Yes, you can, but you do need to register and sign in for that. Once you have done that, choose a language first and then create a basket. You can repeat the steps 1-3 for the next language. To switch between baskets, simply type the required language basket that you’d like to view, in the language text bar.

How can I use the Stay Connected Step?

That feature is not working yet but is in development with be released in the near future.

If I need any help, how can I get that?

Nearly all tools provide contact information help with that specific tool. But if you need help related to Taste&See, want some general advice, or have a question, please, contact us at

What if I notice a mistake or a technical problem?

Yes, please help us and let us know what’s amiss. Write to us at

What if my organization has a tool (product, activity or description) to add to the Catalog?

Great! We seek to give our community the most helpful tools. So, please, contact us at about your tool.